Welcome Bundle


Nothing welcomes you to the Bear Apothecary line of products like our Welcome Bundle. Packed with almost 1000mg of Full Spectrum CBD this handcrafted collection is ready to whisk you away to amazing sleep and full body relaxation. Enjoy multiple baths and full body applications for an incredible experience each time.



Polar Chill Pill 600mg Salt Soak: This incredibly powerful CBD salt soak compliments your complex mind perfectly. Specifically blended to help your biggest anxieties be mellowed, this blend of salts and CBD are filled with a curated blend of pure essential oils and full spectrum CBD to ease your worries, relax your mind and calm you. Sprinkle as much or as little as you like into a warm bath and soak away your worries.

Repair 175mg Bath Bomb: Nothing compliments your hard work like this restorative CBD bath bomb. Formulated with pure essential oils and full spectrum CBD to relieve pain, ease aches and repair minor skin irritations. Place in a warm bath and ease in for a much deserved self-care break.

Sleep Potion Whipped Body Lotion 200mg: This whipped body butter is the perfect combination of moisturizing and nourishing. Apply to your full body before bed for a relaxing and well deserved self-care moment. This whipped body butter is wonderful for massaging hands, feet, backs and more, with a subtle hint of lavender, ylang-ylang and chamomile for an incredibly relaxing full body experience.


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