Polar Chill Pill Bath Bomb


This incredibly powerful CBD bath bomb compliments your complex mind perfectly. Specifically blended to help your biggest anxieties be mellowed, this mid sized bath bomb is filled with a curated blend of pure essential oils and full spectrum CBD to ease your worries, relax your mind and calm you. Place in a warm bath and ease into the water for a truly re-centering experience.

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Contains 150mg Full Spectrum CBD. These mid size bombs float and fizz in your bathtub and expel scent, color, and skin nourishing ingredients. Enjoy a luxurious soak complete with buttermilk, sweet almond oil, epsom salts, full spectrum CBD oil and our signature Polar Chill essential oil blend for the ultimate chill pill.
The scent: Hints of patchouli, ylang ylang and floral scents will melt away your biggest anxieties. Ingredients:

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