Getting started on your alcohol free journey can seem incredibly overwhelming. Many thoughts can be running through your head, but the most common we hear is “how will I distract myself when I want a drink”. We think that is a completely valid question. In a pursuit to honor and celebrate sober self-care, we decided to put together this list of 12 actually fun and enjoyable ways to spend your time, alcohol free!

Get Outdoors

Girl Walking Outdoors
This suggestion might pop up a lot, and possibly it’s something your parents lectured you on as a child, but getting outdoors has some amazing benefits. Being outside in nature, or just outside in your neighborhood boosts energy, helps improve your vision, boosts your immune system, enhances creativity and can even help mitigate pain! Talk about a win! So slather on some sunscreen, or bundle up and get on outside for an activity your brain will thank you for later.

Get Physical

Girl Doing Yoga
You might not want to hear it, but getting physical exercise is incredible for you mental health. Did you know that regular exercise can positively impact depression, anxiety, ADHD and more? It’s completely worth it to start sweating considering it can also help improve memory, sleep and boost you mood all together. You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to benefit!

Take a Class

Taking an online Class
Did you know there are a million online classes you can take right at home to learn a new skill? Taking a class can help rewire your brain, help fight dementia and make you a more productive person. The number one benefit of taking a class, it fights boredom! In most cases it’s easiest to pour a drink when you’re bored, so mitigate that issue with an interesting online class!

Get Pampered

Bear Apothecary Bath Self-Care Collection
Treating yourself to something extra nice is a wonderful way to show yourself some love and much deserved care. This is definitely our favorite because we LOVE celebrating self-care. Try taking sometime to take a bath(perhaps with a CBD bath treat), Get a massage, Have your hair done, buy a new accessory that you feel good about, get a manicure/pedicure or take care of your skin with a facial. Whichever way you choose to pamper yourself, know that it’s OK to take time to enjoy and relax, you deserve seriously wonderful self-care and pampering.

Get Social

Phone showing social media
On Social media that is. Sometimes using social media can be daunting as you starting living alcohol free, sometimes you are given too many visual reminders of what you’re craving, but social media can also be a powerful tool for finding your tribe. Instagram, Facebook and TikTok call have groups, hashtags and sections dedicated to living an alcohol free life. Getting connected with others on the same journey and posting about yours can be a powerful way to feel in control and help keep you motivated.


Girl Journalling
Expressing yourself, your wants, needs and desires on paper can be incredibly therapeutic. Journaling can also be a wonderful way to keep track of your progress, see what triggers you face and help you find what truly brings you joy. You don’t have to make a perfectly bulleted list like you see on Instagram, but taking a few moments a day to write can greatly improve your mood and help you with your ultimate goal.

Create a Self-care Routine

Girl Taking a Bath
Creating an enjoyable and realistic self-care routine can help you feel in touch with yourself and help keep you centered. Create a routine of manageable steps to help fill up your cup and make yourself feel better. Perhaps your routine will include: Drinking a certain amount of water per day, making a menu for your week so you’re supporting yourself with good food, making sure you turn music on once a day, taking 5 minutes to decompress daily, yoga, a CBD bath, or making sure your home is in order so you feel at peace. Take time to think of things that make YOU feel good and make them part of your daily routine, knowing it’s OK to make things for yourself a priority.

Explore a New Hobby

Girl Trying Photography
Perhaps the above idea of joining a club interested you but you don’t feel like you know what you’d enjoy? Try out some new hobbies! Hobbies encourage you to take breaks from work/life stress, but also keep you focused with a purpose! Hobbies can provide and outlet for stress, unite you with others, double as your physical activity and keep your mind sharp. Not sure what you’d love to try? Check out this Hobby Finder: https://www.discoverahobby.com/


Girl Doing Crafts
Are you ready to do something with your hands? It’s common to need to break the hand to mouth habit, and keeping your hands busy can be a great alternative. Crafting can be particularly rewarding because you get to see the fruits of your efforts as tangible objects, plus you can show your creations off to family and friends! Just like everything, crafting has gotten cooler and there are some many new types of crafting to explore including, textile crafts, paper crafts, decorative crafts, fashion crafts and functional crafts.


Girl Meditating
Mediation can seem daunting at first, but it has some major brain and mood benefits. Mediation can help you gain greater control of your resolutions which can be particularly helpful in saying “no way” to the bottle. Mediation is wonderful also because it’s completely confidential and  it’s a convenient pastime that doesn’t require a financial commitment. If you’re new to mediation you can find several YouTube videos that help guide you through the process initially.

Join a Club

Book Club
We know it might sound silly, but joining a club of others that are like minded can be amazing for your mood and dedication! You don’t have to join a group of alcohol free individuals (although it never hurts to have support) but you can join a group of people interested in similar hobbies to help keep you engaged with others and social. There are a million options available and new ways to meet being dreamed up everyday that allow for social distancing. Check out MeetUp.com to find others in your area that might want to chat/participate in your hobby. Think outside the box, they have so many categories to choose from including:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Book Clubs
  • Career & Business
  • Cars & Motorcycles
  • Community & Environment
  • Dancing
  • Education & Learning
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Fitness
  • Food & Drink
  • Games
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Movements & Politics
  • Music
  • New Age & Spirituality
  • Outdoors & Adventure
  • Parents & Family
  • Pets & Animals
  • Photography
  • Religion & Beliefs
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Writing

Organize Something in Your Life

An Organized Closet

When you’re life is feeling overwhelming and you want to go back to old habits it can be particularly helpful to sit-down and organize something. Organizing a part of your home, vehicle or work life can help reduce the feeling of overwhelm, help you gain a sense of control, set a good example for your children, reduce your stress level, help clear your head of mental clutter and you can actually gain energy and calm from your physical space. It’s a win-win that will help you feel better in so many ways.